We can design & build everything from foundations through to roofing & everything in between including any council building consents, offering a turn key solution.

Specialist Construction Projects – Housing Modifications – Reinstatement works

Employing high end level 5 finish Licenced Building Practitioners along with a trusted group of subcontractors which we project manage day to day basis. This can be scaled up or down as and where required.

Happy to work with a client’s Architect or bring in our own. Typically, I have 3 stages again depending on the client’s requirements:

1. Concept   2. Design   3. Build Phase


Consented or Not Included

Our vast experience covers all aspects of building works and all works are carried out by our certified professionals.

  • Renovations
  • New builds
  • Minor Dwellings
  • Extensions
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Landscaping
  • Decking
  • Driveways
  • Retaining walls

Housing Modifications

Health & Disability Specialists

Our vision – To be a leading certified housing modification provider, delivering renovated health – disability & aged care housing for people who want to remain living at home. Planning on aging in your own home or need assistance following an injury to live in your own home, call us now. Accessing your actual housing needs requires a specialist occupational therapist, designing and building to meet the requirements requires experience dealing with these specific solutions. Concept Design Build takes care of both of these area’s and will provide you a turn key solution allowing you to remain in your own home. A modern remodelled accessible home allows easy and safe access for all. Nobody should be excluded from normal home life because of age or disability. This can be achieved with our certified housing needs assessment which compares the needs of our clients against your current home environment. A usable home has thoughtful design features that meet the needs of people of different ages and abilities over time. Our modern designs have features that make home life easier for all, including reachable switches & power points and easy to use taps and shower mixers. We have access to modern European designed fixtures and fittings which are designed specifically for a disability or aged care requirement, without making your home feel like a bland clinical environment. Due to the nature of our business all of our staff are police and ministry of justice checked.

1. Contact Us

Take this opportunity to tell us about your build, from here we can offer you a no obligation, free session to discuss your requirements. Call us now on 09 390 6769.

2. Site Visit

This is when we physically go to your site to assess your current requirements. We can understand more about the job by seeing the location. We will take measurements where needed. You can ask any questions you might have.

3. Your Free Design to Build Consultation

In this session you will personally meet with our certified experts for a consultation session.

4. Design

Your ideas come to life with plans of your build. We will develop detailed drawings to your specifications of what you home will look like. You can make changes to these until you are 100% happy with the plans.

5. Pricing / Quoting

Based on plans, specifications and budget we will then give you a price for you build with a detailed price breakdown of costings. We will not go ahead with anything until you have given us the green light.

6. The Green Light

Once you are completely happy with everything and give us permission we can start building your new build or renovation.

7. The Build

Prior to the start of your project, we give you the opportunity for a pre-build start meeting, this will give you the chance to meet with our project manager and other key people who will be involved in your build.

8. Completion

If required once the final council building inspection has the all clear we will go through our final checklist to make sure every box has been ticked. Once you are fully satisfied with your build, we will hand it over.

9. Post Building / Maintenance

To give you complete confidence after your bathroom renovation project, we have covered you for structural faults, workmanship and materials. This means that we will come back and fix things for you. Read about our guarantees.

Building & Renovations | Minor & Complex Housing Modifications

CDBL homes enable principles that are easily incorporated into home design and construction early on in the design phase. If added at a later stage, the cost is often much higher and can be a long and onerous retrofit.

Project Management Services

Our project management services ensure your building project always runs as smoothly as possible and on time. Feel free to call us for whatever type of project you may have, our approach to every job is with the same commitment to quality no matter what the size. We also bring to every job our considerable levels of experience, bringing projects in on budget and on time. We have worked in a variety of capacities on various types of projects, so we can fit into whatever you may have in mind. This includes managing the project from the very beginning, although we can also get involved if you have an ongoing project that is not running as efficiently as you would like it too. Concept Design Build can also handle all the building work or we can project manager other contractors. Give us a call today to discuss your specific requirements.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Construction – Housing Modifications – Reinstatement

We can design & build everything from foundations through to roofing & everything in between including any council building consents, offering a turn key solution. Unlike others, we also offer a very user-friendly practical approach covering all parts of the building industry. This is because we actually offer all of those services as well. In addition, we offer fair pricing and excellent customer service.

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